I provide high quality professional childcare for children aged from 3 months to 5 years. I do this in my own home, creating a safe, homely and relaxed environment for your child. Details of my childcare hours, fees and lunch options can be found on my Childcare Practice page.

I work closely on a regular basis with an informal group of like-minded childminders as well as attending various activity groups, enabling the children to form close friendships with both peers and the childminders they meet regularly outside of my direct setting, developing valuable social skills and exploring the wider world.


It's not activities, but rather the opportunities they provide which enable children to learn. To provide these opportunities I encourage children to participate in a wide range of experiences so they may learn and develop. I attend activities with other childminders and go on outings. For example, we take trips to the Aquarium, local beaches, train rides to the Rare Breeds Farm, visits to local libraries, nature walks and visits to local play and adventure parks and open spaces.

On a typical week in term-time we may attend:

Learning and Development

I encourage all the children to engage in a wide range of age- and development-appropriate activities, tailored to each child's needs and interests to ensure they are able to reach their own individual potentials. I am required to work within the same curriculum as nurseries and pre-schools, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).